Healing & Regrowth (thank you spring)

This winter has been long. And cold. And rainy. Not ideal for any kind of trail riding, and unless you’re committed- not great for road riding. It was pretty decent for my lifting progress, but there was still something missing. I didn’t really notice because I was snuggled up with someone I thoroughly enjoyed, but that ended (unfortunately) as soon as the weather got nicer. I was looking forward to enjoying the sunshine with this person – not biking, but hiking and camping, or just hanging out in parks. But another summer of adventuring solo, or with acquaintances, or even with strangers is just as well.

Luckily, a few rides helped to brighten my week. They were rough – I have also been pretty sick with a lovely chest cold. But it was still too beautiful to pass up.

The first ride was an undocumented road loop around the city. It felt pretty good. The second ride was at North Park with my former team manager, who was testing a new bike. Unfortunately he went slow-mo OTB, bent his brake lever and got a flat. That ride got cut short (2 miles total, including the mile to get back to the car). Since I was feeling ok, I decided to meet another friend at Frick – this one hit my sick lady limits, but was still fun.

Excited and antsy for adventures this year. I bought a backpacking pack with my REI dividend, so that’s something that needs to be explored. Hoping to take a shorter trip on the LHHT as a test, then fly somewhere for a longer trip if it goes well,

But first… stop coughing up weird stuff and clear my sinuses!


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